Evolving Music Tastes

I’m going to try to embed spotify links in this post so please bear with me- there are a lot!

When I began college in 2008, I was listening to essentially whatever the radio had on. I lived in the Bay Area, so that was 89.3 and 94.9 peppered with NPR.I would be listening to a mix of different hip hop artists along with bands like the All American Rejects, Nickelback (…I know), Sum 41, Lifehouse and Coldplay.  My taste began to evolve as I moved to UCSD. The whole Socal music scene is vastly different than Norcal, or so it seems to me. Maybe I had changed from being content with listening to radio, to seeking out better artists who were more genre specific than Billboard top 50. In about 2009-2010, I spent a great deal of time discovering artists like Steve Angello, Benny Benassi and ofcourse listening to Stereolove  more times than I care to count. Another favorite of mine during time(and still today) was. 2009 and 2010 also marked for me, the start of my passion for indie rock and alternative rock. and are such great tracks. 2011 and 2012 were spent cultivating my interest in those genre’s and also discovering new ones such as IDM (intelligent dance music) with tracks like Two Dots by Lusine.

I also spent 2011 and 2012 hearing  being overplayed on the radio, and seeing bro’s in tanks and girls in skimpy clothes at shows and raves. It’s such an interesting phenomenon seeing the dance scene become the “in” and “cool” thing.

I read this article by Dan Schawbel a contributing writer for Forbes, explaining that DJ’s such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris have partnered up with artists like Rihanna and Chris Brown. Songs like are SO catchy. I think they’ve found so much success that they have created their own subculture which has become mainstream. So much so that hip hop artist Flo Rida has sampled EDM music to create mega hits like, , where he sampled , and where he sampled I love the originals much more, but Flo Rida definitely knows how to make his target audience happy because these songs are unbelievably catchy and are played at bars, clubs and house parties all the time. You can’t help but know all the lyrics! I think that these collaborations are a great indicator of what we’re going to hear on the radio for some time to come.


January 2013. I’m still listening to lots of EDM, and loving the Calvin Harris and Florence collaborations. Still loving indie scene and look forward to seeing more shows this year.

On my list are

-Empire of the Sun



-Two Door Cinema Club

-Atlas Genius

-Young the Giant



I love music and that there is always a song to match however I’m feeling. I am looking forward to seeing what 2013 is going to bring in terms of new music, new albums are artists.  I think I’m getting cheesy, so I’ll stop.



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