Image: My Little Hamster

My little hammie

I adopted my hamster September of 2012, and it is absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made. His name is Apa-for lack of inspiration otherwise, he was named for the sky bison from Avatar. It later occurred to me that I should have named him Gandalf the White. Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag. I’m a gigantic nerd, making a reference to both Avatar (the children’s cartoon) and Lord of the Rings in one go. He is a total daredevil and likes to jump off of things and fly through the air to only land flat on his back. He tries to escape from his play pen all the time, except he can’t. Too fluffy.

I learned just a few days ago that those sunflower seeds that I’ve been feeding him, are terrible for him. Apparently sunflower seeds for hamsters =KFC or Mc Donald’s for humans. Needless to say, I’m trying to make him exercise more and eat better! I’m glad I caught this earlier in his life than later. I think my little one is going to have to endure having some fresh vegetables in his life. Hamsters can eat a variety of foods it seems ranging from carrots and apples to alfafa sprouts and kidney beans.
This website gives a thorough list of things that they can eat and how best to care for them.

What I also found interesting about hamsters is that they are extremely independent. They cannot share their cages with another hamster, especially when they are both male.
I had a friend who once had two in the same cage, and one of them seems to have killed and eaten the other. This is crazy for me to think about, because my own hamster seems so gentle.

I have always wanted a puppy actually, my whole life. I was not able to get one as a child because my parents had their hands full with my sister and I. Then in college, I decided I did want to get a pet, one that was relatively easy to care for and low maintenance. I fell in love with hamsters and am very happy with mine.


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