Coffee and a return to writing.

It has been a few months since I have felt inspired to write. Not exactly sure where to start as so much has happened in the past few months.


The leaves are changing color. Well. as much as they can in Northern California. I have begun to appreciate the cold weather more. 

Recently, I have been looking into various brewing methods of coffee. I have not been a fan of big chain coffee shops such as Starbucks for a long while now, and decided it’s time to do something about my morning routine. Local coffee shops are great, however for an everyday coffee drinker such as myself, it is better to establish a better (cheaper) routine at home, saving time and money. 

Long story short, I am purchasing a great French press.  Between having coffee brewed mundanely by the “Drip” method and as interestingly as the “Siphon” method(for those that don’t know what that is : , I have decided the most efficient way for me to get my daily fix is a French press. I will get the freshest taste, with the least amount of work involved. 


Beans are important as well. Roasting, grinding and brewing is a whole process and I feel as though I’ve just scratched the surface. Well, cheers to a journey I’m sure to enjoy.


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